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The idea for this plugin came after reading this article about ways to reduce your bounce rate, including promoting clicks deeper into your content. Related Topics Simple Tag List promotes this behavior in two ways:

  • The design doesn’t stand out, but flows into the end of your posts like a final content section.
  • Previous point means the list holds weight as legitimate content instead of standing out and looking like ad content.

How It Works

As noted in the description on the official page:

Related Topics Simple Tag List checks each tag attached to a post and only displays it if at least one other post exists. If exactly one other article has that tag, the tag name then links directly to that post. Otherwise, the tag name will link to the tag archive.

Not only are links intelligently created, but the link’s title attribute is updated to say “View Related Post” if linking directly to post, or “View Archive of Related Posts” if linking to tag archive.

An options page under Settings allows choosing from an inline listing with customizable separator, and a basic bulleted list. HTML can be added before and after the list. Not listing HTML before the list effectively removes the title. No additional classes or CSS are added by this plugin. Tag links will use whatever color is defined by the theme.

This plugin is best for sites that use tags in a purposeful way connected to a content strategy. It’s an especially great way to connect content for beginning blogs, but can also grow with the site.

Under the plugin settings, you have the option of automatically appending it to the end of your posts, or you may manually include it in your template files with the noted template tag.

How To Find It

You can download it from the repository, or search it by title through the “Add New” section under Plugins in your WordPress install (you may find it easiest by selecting “Author” and entering “5t3ph”).

View It In Action

Scroll down just a bit and you’ll see “Related Topics” listed on this and most posts throughout my blog. You might also be interested in the plugin screenshots which include showing the admin settings page.


If you use this plugin in your projects, I would love to know how it worked for you! Please consider leaving a review on the plugins page. Thanks!

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