A Call for Consensus on HTML Semantics

Jan 20, 2024

HTML is supposed to be easy to learn. And sure, the basics are pretty clear, but how are we supposed to make the "right" choice in nuanced situations?

Simplified Dark Mode With Style Queries

Feb 27, 2023

Supporting both the user preference query for dark mode as well as a toggle previously required duplicated style blocks. With the incoming style queries feature, we can simply down to reading a custom property to define theme styles once.

Is It Time To Replace Sass?

Feb 25, 2023

With the growth of native CSS features - including nesting - what features do we still gain by using Sass, and what is available to use in its place?

My CSS Wishlist 2023

Feb 19, 2023

There's a whole lot to love already about CSS in 2023, but here are just a couple more things I'd still find useful. Plus, a review of long-standing issues that actually have some support or are in-progress.

My 2022 In Review

Dec 30, 2022

A look back at projects, talks, articles, and other 2022 things.

4 Required Tests Before Shipping New Features

Oct 7, 2022

Learn about four types of tests important for shipping more accessible features and assisting your users in successfully completing tasks.

In Defense of Sass

Mar 14, 2022

Organization, linting, and ease of theming are the primary reasons I'll continue to use Sass despite the capabilities of modern CSS, including the near-future nesting capability. Review how to theme buttons as one example.

My Dev Content Creation Journey and Tips for Starting Yours

Mar 7, 2022

A review of how I began creating developer content and tips to help you get started and find motivation to hit publish on your own projects.

CSS Quick Tip: Animating in a newly added element

Feb 21, 2022

Learn to leverage the natural behavior of attaching animation via CSS keyframes to reveal new elements.

Minimum Static Site Setup with Sass

Feb 19, 2022

Use this command line combination for building a static site that includes Browsersync, processing Sass and running the final files through autoprefixer and cssnano.

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