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I'm the author of which provides modern solutions to old CSS problems as in-depth tutorials. I'm also the creator of Style Stage, and author of SmolCSS and 11ty.Rocks. I enjoy sharing my experience as an author, egghead instructor, co-host of the Word Wrap podcast, Twitch streamer, podcast guest, and conference speaker.

I'm an advocate for accessibility, scalable CSS, and the Jamstack (especially Eleventy). Offline, I'm a mom to two girls and a cowboy corgi, and enjoy baking!

Front-End Learning Resources

I offer learning resources in a variety of formats including in-depth written tutorials, short videos, courses, and even a CSS playground.

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Favorite Posts

You can find me as a writer on Smashing Magazine, CSS-Tricks, ModernCSS, 11ty Rocks, and DEV. Here is a selection of tutorials and articles I'm most proud of, and that have also received appreciation from the wider community.

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Check out all episodes of the podcast I co-host - Word Wrap