Learn From Steph: A web development course for beginners

A series of 4-14 minute videos with enhanced transcripts that covers the essentials of web development.

Participants who complete the "Learn From Steph" series will be able to build frontend experiences using modern techniques, and have a solid foundation for continuing to learn intermediate and advanced topics.

The series emphasizes semantic HTML, cascade-abiding CSS, and accessibility throughout.

While the series is created with the intention that it is followed linearly, topics can also be absorbed ad-hoc. This is largely thanks to the enhanced transcript format which includes code snippets, progress images, and gifs to help explain lesson topics.

In particular, the following lessons have been well received outside the linear context:

These techniques and solutions are aimed at true beginners, whereas my Modern CSS series includes upgrades for those who already have foundational CSS knowledge.

The full lesson listing and more information on the series can be found at LearnFromSteph.dev.